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Training, Material, and Tools to Help Dealers Better Manage Compliance



According to the Consumer Sentinel Network Complaint Data Book, there were nearly 94,000 auto-related complaints in 2015. With the high amounts of consumer complaints, the FTC and CFPB are on high alert. Is your dealership taking all the compliance actions it should to reduce its risk of a compliance infraction?

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is my dealership prepared to pass an audit on our compliance activities?
  • Is my dealership protected from the information security threats?
  • Is my dealership following the legal requirements within the F&I office?

With the demanding auto finance regulations in place today, it can be difficult to manage your compliance activities to lawfully navigate through today’s legal landscape. If you find it challenging to stay up to date or are looking to strengthen your understanding of current auto finance regulations, take a look at RouteOne’s complimentary training material, guides and tools to help you manage your compliance more efficiently:

Complimentary Educational Compliance Webinars

RouteOne hosts quarterly educational compliance webinars to help dealers better understand the importance of a secure and compliant dealership. These webinars are complimentary to everyone and are available once a quarter.

The most recent webinar was be held on Wednesday, December 7th at 1pm (EST), titled “2016 Compliance Recap: A Year in Review.” This webinar is focused on reviewing what happened in auto dealer compliance in 2016, including a recap of our webinars: “2016 FTC Update,” “2016 Security Update,” and “All About Add-Ons.” During this webinar, attendees will be able to learn about the cost of non-compliance, the FTC and its recent enforcement actions, required elements of a dealership information security program, and the CFPB scrutiny of add-on products.

Complimentary Compliance Guides & Tips

Not only are compliance webinars great learning tools to brush up on your familiarity with the regulations, but there are several guides and eBooks on the internet available at your disposal. Guides are also excellent avenues to further expand your knowledge. Additionally, to help dealers, RouteOne will be sharing copies of our exclusive guides: ‘Best Practices and Tips When Selling Add-On Products,’ and ‘RouteOne’s Information Security Tips’ at the end of the ‘2016 Compliance Recap: A Year in Review’ compliance webinar this past December.

Complimentary Compliance Management Tools

Understanding laws and regulations is important, but actually implementing these compliance activities is what’s most important! To further help our dealers stay on top of their compliance activities, RouteOne has generated a variety of complimentary automation tools to help you more efficiently manage those compliance activities. A brief overview of the complimentary tools RouteOne offers will also be shared during the upcoming webinar.

Within our complimentary webinar, your dealership will be able to receive a recap of compliance in 2016 and access RouteOne’s exclusive guides, tips, and tools at no cost to your dealership! You can now watch a recording of the compliance webinar here. For any other questions regarding RouteOne’s compliance tools and products, please contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager, or RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301.