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We know compliance is not fun.  And while we can’t promise to make it go away, we can help you manage compliance better.  RouteOne offers a wide range of compliance tools that will help you test, monitor, manage, and report on key compliance requirements.  This includes, for instance, simplifying the process of providing necessary notices and disclosures, and verifying your customers are who they say they are.

Central to the RouteOne compliance offering is the Compliance Dashboard, a complimentary service for our credit application system customers.  The Compliance Dashboard allows you to visually assess your compliance at both a dealership and transactional level.  So at a glance, you can see your potential compliance trouble spots and then take action to address them.

Take Action with Adverse Action Notices

RouteOne lets you quickly find applications for which your dealership has not sent an Adverse Action Notice, and automatically creates an Adverse Action Notice to be distributed to the customer. Adverse Action Notice tools are available for all RouteOne transactions, decisioned and undecisioned applications, with or without credit bureau reports. The system will automatically populate the notice as a .pdf with the appropriate customer information.  From there, the notice is ready for immediate printing and mailing to the customer.

RouteOne helps ease some of the challenges of managing compliance with our automated Adverse Action Mailing Services. RouteOne will automatically print, apply postage, and mail notices on a weekly basis to applicable consumers on your behalf. Choose from a variety of packages that best meet your dealership’s compliance strategy.

Learn more about Adverse Action Notice Mailing Services here.

Protect your dealership from identity theft

IDOne helps pinpoint potential fraud.

Are you doing all you can to protect your dealership from conducting business with criminals? IDOne, RouteOne's full service identity verification tool, helps manage compliance tasks and fits seamlessly into your workflow. Customizable settings give you the flexibility to set tolerances for alerts based on your dealership's risk strategy. For ease of use, results can be found in Deal Manager along with the ability to manually review and override any red flag cautions. You can choose to subscribe to IDOne with TransUnion® or NCC®. See how IDOne can help manage your day-to-day compliance needs.

Risk-based pricing and credit score disclosure notices

How do you make sure every customer that needs a Credit Score Disclosure Notice gets one?  Manage the process through RouteOne’s compliance tools for dealers.  Easily print a Credit Score Disclosure Notice for every customer that requests an extension of credit.  The notice will automatically be populated with the necessary consumer information if the necessary information was already entered into the RouteOne system, simplifying the process for you and reducing the key strokes you have to make.

Store documents securely

Support your compliance processes through the efficient and secure storage of your credit applications and other documents originated in RouteOne with SecureDocOne.  SecureDocOne provides automated, organized, efficient, and secure electronic storage of credit documents originated on the RouteOne credit application platform.

Enjoy dealer-controlled data access

RouteOne allows you to set permissions that provide you, the Dealer System Administrator, with a high level of control:

  • Assign employee permissions and access to suit your business processes
  • Control employee access to personal and confidential customer data
  • Control data sharing permissions with your finance sources – no one gets access unless you provide it
Provide additional security with IP blocking

Access to RouteOne is only provided to dealership users from a dealership- approved IP address, helping prevent unauthorized access to sensitive customer data (please note: IP Blocking requires an amendment to your dealer agreement; please call 866.768.8301 for more information).

Get alerts of potential suspicious activity

Activity Alert is a free tool that notifies dealerships of potentially suspicious dealership activity within the RouteOne platform.  Reports are also available.

Track compliance efforts

The Active Dealer User Report aids your dealership in managing security and compliance by providing detailed information on RouteOne users and their RouteOne activity history within a dealership. This is a key tool to use when employees leave your dealership – make sure that no one has access to RouteOne but current, valid employees!

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