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We know that a dealer’s world is full of documentation: compliance paperwork, privacy policies, Nonpublic Personal Information (NPPI), aftermarket data, credit reports - the list is endless. How will you store all that data should you need it months, or even years from now? The retention of customer and application data is more important than ever as compliance becomes a more prevalent concern in the automotive finance industry. 

Store documents electronically for compliance and easy retrieval

Enter SecureDocOne, RouteOne’s electronic document storage tool designed to support your compliance processes through the efficient and secure storage of your most critical information!

SecureDocOne, powered by WorldView, allows you to store all your RouteOne-originated documents, including credit applications, credit bureau reports, and more, right within RouteOne. You can quickly and easily retrieve the stored documents at any time. These items are stored for the length of your subscription.


Get peace of mind with secure online data storage

SecureDocOne offers an electronic storage solution that provides peace of mind in knowing you’ve safely and securely stored NPPI. And it’s fully integrated to RouteOne, so you can easily reference stored documents whenever you’re working in the RouteOne system. 


Review document history at any time
SecureDocOne provides a complete history of each document stored, along with an audit trail that displays any modifications or edits made along the way. Need hard copies? Print them at any time.
Worry less with automated archival
SecureDocOne stores your electronic documents automatically, saving you time and manual effort. eContracting dealers can enjoy automatic archival of electronic contracts, leases and ancillary documents. And because we provide the ability to modify user permissions, you manage user access.
Choose the level of support that meets your needs
We have two product levels so that you can best select the version that works for you. Both options provide a comprehensive storage solution that will efficiently and effectively store your data.

Basic SecureDocOne

  • *Credit Application
  • Decision Details (includes Decision History Summary)
  • Credit Report
  • Credit Report Disclosures
  • Adverse Action Notices
  • Credit Score Disclosure Notices
  • IDOne Summary
  • *Privacy Policy
  • eContracting and eContract Package

Advanced SecureDocOne+

  • All SecureDocOne Basic Features plus...
  • The ability to upload and store .pdf documents generated outside of RouteOne, for example:
    • Vehicle
    • Government
    • Service/Parts
    • Aftermarket
*May be stored with electronic signature for dealers utilizing RouteOne’s e-sign feature
Documents are automatically transferred and archived daily! Plus, you may assign permissions that allow you to control access within your dealership. Additionally, SecureDocOne provides you an audit trail that displays the complete history of each document. You can also add notes to the document and print it at any time.
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