We can help get you faster fundíng with eContracting

eContracting for Dealers

Work smarter

eContracting injects technology into the manual process of paper contracts and couriers. Through RouteOne’s eContracting platform, critical contract documents and data are shared between dealers and finance sources in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.  As a result, it enables you and your dealership to work smarter and better.

Get faster funding

Do you want to get paid?  Of course you do, and as quickly as possible.  With eContracting, funding can happen within the next business day, and sometimes within minutes. 

Expect more…get more

You never stop working, and we don’t either.  RouteOne has a long and growing list of eContracting features that will help you be more effective and efficient in the F&I office.  Here is a partial list:

Key Features

  • Support retail and lease products
  • Support for traditional and SPOT delivery sales processes
  • Integration with Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP
  • Paper document faxing and imaging fully integrated into the funding package
  • Support for ancillary forms origination, including electronic contract forms 
  • Contract data validation from finance sources
  • Fully automated contract distribution and assignment
Wow your customers

What can be worse than asking your customer to come back and sign more paperwork due to a missed signature?  eContracting reduces the chance of that happening by ensuring all required signatures are captured during the review process.  eContracting also streamlines and helps automate the entire contracting process, which means more time spent with customers making sales and closing deals, and less time spent pushing paper.

Control compliance

The same great tools that help you manage compliance during the credit application process are part of the workflow into eContracting.  In addition to them, SecureDocOne provides document history audit trails and secure storage of the entire contract package, including ancillary documents.

Banish bounced contracts and errors

eContracting reduces the potential for errors, like lost documents or missed contract compliance requirements.  It automates critical checkpoints and can validate contract data for accuracy as it is being entered.  Additionally, if your dealership enables DSP integration, the need for re-keying the same information repeatedly is reduced—along with the potential for data entry error.

Access an eContracting finance source network

Digitally store eContracting document packages with a click of button.  Once saved, the documents are sent into a secure electronic document storage vault  for safe keeping.  When you want them back again, another click of the button puts them at your finger tips.  Along the entire process, an audit trail is maintained to support your compliance needs.

Get support when you need it

You can count on RouteOne to take care of your needs. Our customer support team is available at 866.768.8301 to assist you with any  RouteOne-specific question.  You also have access to a team of field and phone business development managers and reps.  They are as much about helping you get the solutions you need as they are about making sure you get the most out of them.

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