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You know they are out there. Searching. Exploring. Researching. They are your potential customers. 97 percent of consumers start their shopping online. So you need to do everything you can to turn those online shoppers into happy customers. Does your website have the ability to capture those leads?

Three tools to grow web traffic into sales

RouteOne offers three tools to choose from to match your dealership's unique needs, each enabling your online vehicle shoppers to apply for financing quickly and easily—from the web or a mobile device. Each option integrates directly with the core RouteOne platform and our vast network of 100+ integrated Dealer Service Providers. All tools are backed by our world-class support team.


Basic WebApplyOne

  • Basic Branding
  • Embedded Credit Application
  • Export to CRM
  • Customizable Fields
  • Upload Dealer Logo

Advanced FinanceConnect

  • All WebApplyOne Features plus…
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Customizable HTML Email Content
  • Website Analytics
  • Reporting
  • In-field Validation
  • OEM-matched Color Palettes
  • 3rd Party Dealer Website Integration

Premium FinanceConnect+

  • All FinanceConnect Advanced Features plus…
  • Microsite and Embedded Credit Application
  • Professional Video Application Guidance
  • Advanced Webpage Customization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Interactive Map of Dealer Location
  • And more!


Convert website traffic to sales

Take advantage of the opportunity to serve the 97 percent of consumers shopping online by turning your website traffic into actionable sales leads.   Each time a consumer completes an application using one of our tools, the application will be populated in the RouteOne Deal Manager and you will receive an email notification. 

As RouteOne’s applications are visually appealing and user friendly, the online credit application process will be both easy on the eyes and a breeze for your customers, increasing the likelihood they will complete the application and generate a sales lead for you.

Get security, compliance and reliability

Security and compliance are RouteOne’s top priorities.  FinanceConnect’ssecurity begins with SSL encryption and is fully integrated to RouteOne’s secure platform and operation.  Rest assured that all applications submitted through our online application suite are held to the same security standards as the core RouteOne credit application system, ensuring a consistently secure credit application experience. Finally, disclosures and disclaimers are maintained on your customized website, helping to ensure compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Streamline your operation

Avoid duplicate data entry and redundant efforts as customer applications submitted through your dealer’s website will be directly transmitted to the RouteOne Deal Manager and even submitted to your CRM of choice. These features allow you to save time and gain efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry into multiple systems.  It also allows your dealership to maintain consistent processes across all your delivery channels.

Go electronic in your lobby

Use our online applications in your lobby.  Load FinanceConnecton a tablet device and allow your customers to complete the application process themselves.  Consumers may be more likely to feel secure and in control of the credit application process if they complete the app on their own, at their own pace. You’ll like it too, as it reduces your data entry.

Sell more cars and close more deals

Get better results with better design.  FinanceConnect’slook and feel give customers an easy going experience that breaks down the credit application into small digestible parts: Personal, Residential, Income, Vehicle, and Summary dedicated pages.  FinanceConnect’sease of use will make consumers more likely to complete the process, improving their experience at the dealership and allowing you to spend more time selling and less time performing data entry.

Wow your customers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.  RouteOne’s FinanceConnectPremium solution offers a professional and interactive video to guide your customers through the application process. FinanceConnectalso allows you to customize your microsite with your dealership’s look and feel; include your logo and dealership design colors.

Optimize for mobile

Be wherever your customers are. Today, consumers are not only shopping on their personal computer, but they are shopping using their mobile devices, too!  FinanceConnectis compatible with all mobile and tablet browsers, giving you a head start on the competition and helping you better serve your customers 

Get support when you need it

You can count on RouteOne to take care of your needs. We have a customer support team that will handle any RouteOne-specific question, as well as a dedicated FinanceConnectteam to help you through the setup process.