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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I reset my RouteOne password?

Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can reset your password. If the DSA is not available you may request a password reset via e-mail:

  1. Click the 'Forgot Password' link on the User Login screen.
  2. Enter your User ID and e-mail address (Note: the e-mail address must match the address saved in your RouteOne profile)
  3. Click 'Submit' and an e-mail with a temporary system generated password will be sent to your email Inbox. Please note that a new temporary password can only be sent to a private email address. If your DSA has not set you up with a private e-mail address, or you have been set up with a shared e-mail address, the system will respond with an error message on the Password Reset screen. When you log on using your new temporary password (received via e-mail), you will immediately be taken to the 'Expired Password' screen where you will be required to immediately create a new password of you own choosing.

How do I enroll with RouteOne?

  • The first step in the enrollment process is completing and signing the RouteOne Dealer Participation Agreement (DPA). The DPA is an agreement that describes services provided by RouteOne, the dealer’s requirements for use, dealer eligibility, and data sharing.  After completing the DPA, your dealership is ready for enrollment.
  • The DPA is available for download at in the 'Dealer' section. Complete and fax back to RouteOne Business Operations at 1-866-783-1329.
  • Once the DPA has been received and validated by RouteOne, a RouteOne representative will email you the information you require to log in, set up users and obtain additional training on the system. Contact RouteOne Sales Support at 866.933.0663 with any questions.

How do I find my Dealer System Administrator (DSA)?

  • Any RouteOne user may locate their DSA by selecting ‘My RouteOne’ at the top right hand corner of any RouteOne screen. This will show the DSA assigned to that dealership. If the DSA is no longer at the dealership and/or the position needs reassigning, contact the RouteOne Help Desk at 866.768.8301.

How do I create a new RouteOne user?

  • Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) must complete this task.
    • Under ‘Admin,’ click ‘Users.’
    • On ‘Users Associated with this Dealership’ page, click on the ‘Create User’ button.
    • Enter all required information, as well as the appropriate permissions.
    • If this user has a Captive ID, enter it at this time.
    • A screen will appear stating ‘Dealer User Created Successfully.’ This will also provide the new user’s RouteOne ID, which the user will need (as well as the password that was just created for them) to log in to RouteOne directly.

How do I add/request a new finance source?

  • Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) must make this request.
    • Select the ‘Add New Finance Source’ button which is located within a new credit application. Then select the ‘Add Finance Source’ button. This brings up the ‘Available Finance Sources’ page, displaying all finance sources currently integrated to RouteOne.
    • To notify a finance source that you wish to establish a relationship, click the ‘Associate’ button. An electronic request will be automatically sent to the finance source for association. This finance source will immediately appear as ‘Requested’ in your list of finance source options and will display as such until the finance source approves the request for ‘ACTIVE’ association.

What is the cost of RouteOne to my dealership?

  • The core RouteOne product is free to dealerships.

How do I reset my Ford Toolbar, Ally-Dealer Connect, RouteOne via ACE or TFS-Dealer Daily password?

Contact your captive for more information.

  • Ally – Dealer Connect 866.766.4622
  • TD Auto Finance – TDAF Connect/RouteOne via ACE 800.200.1513
  • Ford Credit – Credit Web 800.344.9728, opt. 1 or 800.790.4357
  • Toyota Financial – Dealer Daily 877.353.2459, opt. 1 or 866.614.8841

How do I find my RouteOne User ID?

  • Select ‘My RouteOne’ in the upper right hand corner of any RouteOne screen.
  • A new window will appear with your User ID displayed at the top of the screen.

How do I find my RouteOne Dealer ID?

  • Select ‘My RouteOne’ in the upper right hand corner of any RouteOne screen.
  • A new window will appear with your Dealer ID at the top of the screen.

How do I contact the RouteOne Canada Help Desk?

  • Canadian users may contact RouteOne at 1-877-556-0003 or