20 Years of Solid Support

February 16, 2023

We're Always Here For Our Customers

Twenty years ago, when we set out to create tools and solutions for a better vehicle purchase process, we knew that providing our dealership customers with top-notch service would be a big part of our success. We've set high expectations for our support and services department. 

In 2011 our Service Desk Hit Aggressive Targets of Over 90% First Contact Closure and 15 Second Average. Since then, we've rarely wavered. 

Our courteous service desk personnel are trained to answer questions, big or small, about the RouteOne suite of F&I products. We know dealers don't have time to spare, so we want to ensure we can find solutions and get them back to their customers quickly.

"RouteOne prides itself on our commitment to customer service. We always try to see things from our customers' perspectives and ensure we work hard to meet their needs. We view customer service as a 'team sport' because each RouteOne department plays a role in delivering the experience we want for our customers. This is also an area where we recognize that we're never 'finished.' Our products and services are constantly evolving, and so are our customers. So our support and service for them need to continually evolve as well."

Jason Bolduc - RouteOne Senior Vice President, Operations and Strategy

Customer Service Starts Before the Calls

Having our subject matter experts standing by to answer questions brings our dealers great peace of mind. But we also strive to provide our customers with the skills and knowledge they need to run the RouteOne platform successfully without a call to the service desk. We ensure our dealers have access to all the tools they need to ramp up quickly and stay the course. We believe the more dealers know, the more time they can spend with prospective vehicle buyers. 

Dealer Support Choices

We provide various resources for our customers so they can access the support they need quickly. The RouteOne Service Desk provides phone, email, or chat support to help dealers succeed. RouteOne dealers benefit from our incredible uptime and skilled staff. 

The Business Development Team includes representatives and managers covering a geographic region for more local and personalized service. They're prepared to help dealers with concerns and offer training so dealers can learn about the RouteOne platform and avoid obstacles in the first place. The entire team is dedicated to supporting dealers in all things RouteOne. We help dealerships set up the eContracting and eSigning process in the beginning and are on hand to support the journey every step of the way. 

We also offer tools for self-service, like guides and videos for simple tasks like a password reset and access to general knowledge on all our solutions and services like eContracting and Credit Applications. Plus, our subject matter experts offer live group webinars on topics like eContracting and Remote eSigning. We're also happy to set up individual training online or in-store. 


Discover What Our Dealers Say

In our 2022 Annual Customer Survey, 96% of our dealers were satisfied with RouteOne. Here's what some specific comments about our customer service. 

"From my experiences, I have been able to usually get a hold of someone and find a resolution regarding the issue. Fortunately, we don't run into many issues, so we don't have to contact support often."

"Customer support is always very responsive and quick to fix whatever issues may come up."

"Very detailed, quick, and professional."

"Customer support is great. They have guided me when things did not go the right way, and now I am able to fix it on my own."

"RouteOne's customer support staff is some of the best I've experienced in the industry. Always cordial and helpful in an expedient way."

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