Answering the Need for Online Credit Tools and More

February 21, 2023

Yesterday, consumers had limited options when shopping for a new vehicle. Walking into your dealership was the only sure way to explore finance options, trade-in values, and other car-buying tasks.

For many buyers today, the entire process, from research to vehicle delivery, is a hybrid process, divided between online and in-store. Consumers can scour the web at leisure to perform due diligence and choose their next vehicle. With a desire for transparency and a consumer-driven experience, many buyers are demanding flexible F&I tools to complete a great deal of the vehicle purchase process online on their own time.

As consumer expectations for buying anything have changed, RouteOne has evolved and risen to the challenge. Our online consumer-facing tools began as dealership solutions that enabled consumers to submit a lead to and continue to grow into the ever-evolving platform we are today. We strive to advance the functionality of our original online credit app to give your dealership more control over your process. 

Supporting Dealers and Their Choices

In 2010, we released our first digital retailing tool, allowing consumers to apply for credit online from a dealership's website. In 2016, our updates continued to support our "Any Time, Any Place, Any Device" so that the process can start anywhere in-store, online, or a combination of both.

Now, dealers can choose additional services that support their workflow, like a consumer-facing online credit application with customizable branding.

Additional add-on subscription services include: 

Lead Capture 
Dealerships can capture lead information or empower customers to complete their credit application on your website. Responsive design and street address fields dynamically auto-complete for a smooth process. 

Enhanced lead capture functionality sends your dealership a notification if a consumer completed a credit app on your dealership website or even if they didn't. How it works is that when a consumer completes an application or lead form, data populates the RouteOne Deal Manager, and the appropriate dealership personnel is notified.

Web Analytics
Dealers can take advantage of the detailed analytics accessible in our Digital Retail Service to track where your leads are coming from – like social media posts, advertising, or other websites. View stats like daily website visitors, credit app completions, and what types of devices are most used to reach your site. Valuable data can help you see your progress and adjust your strategies. 

Automated Compliance Functionalities
Are you worried about managing compliance issues? Stores can fully automate compliance tasks like Privacy Notices, Credit Score Disclosure Notices (CSDN), and payment calls with our Digital Retail Services. Plus, subscriptions are available to enhance the compliance process even more. 

Our verification tool IDOne fits seamlessly into your everyday RouteOne workflow and enables you to manage identity verification through the credit bureau you choose while keeping your dealership safe. 

Our Evolution Continues - Elevate Your Business and Connect with Us

Our digital retail solutions will consistently expand as we aim to help our dealers meet consumer demands. We're creating more processes that will allow you to provide consumers with tools they can use to foster a modern purchase experience. Soon, we'll release more innovations that will continue to support and answer the needs of our dealership customers. 

Every dealership has unique business needs, so we always support your ability to choose the best solutions for your workflow. Reach out to the RouteOne Business Development Team or view the resources below to get started with us today.
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