Create a Fast and Modern Experience With Menus

October 01, 2021

Nobody likes to wait for anything, especially in the F&I office.  And many customers now prefer an experience that’s as low-contact as possible. Dealerships today should take advantage of technology designed to speed up the vehicle purchasing process.  

So how do you tell your customers about your portfolio of F&I products? Using a menu to present and sell aftermarket products is a great way to create a transparent, informative, and personalized buying experience that also speeds up the buying process. 

The RouteOne Menu Powered by MaximTrak can enhance the purchasing process for you and your customers, with the cutting-edge tools you need to present your portfolio of F&I products. Aftermarket product forms can be included with the RouteOne eContract package for a single eSigning ceremony for customers, in-store or online. 



The Value of Menu Selling

Using a tool like RouteOne Menu allows you to personalize your product line for each customer. You can add-on Using FLITE® to start with a customer-facing survey to build a buyer profile. Then you can present a comprehensive list of ancillary products most applicable to your customer’s driving habits and lifestyle. 

RouteOne provides you with the ability to create menu presentations with clear product information that helps inform a customer and ease their apprehension about the F&I process. In addition, dealers can deliver customized and consistent aftermarket presentations. Our proven menu software lets you build reusable templates to cater to each individual customer.

Our flexible solutions also allow you to present in-store or virtually. For example, with our complimentary remote menu add-on, you can send a link by text or email and your customers can select protection products from their mobile devices, either on their own or with your assistance. Customers can learn about protection options, watch videos, and select products. 

Lay the groundwork for follow-up and future consumer engagements and increase CSI and your bottom line while decreasing transaction times. 



Enhance Customer Engagement

Get customers engaged in the F&I process while they’re still shopping your dealership online and in the showroom as the deal moves along. Online F&I engagement tools help start the process and helps shoppers feel more in control. Online engagement systems should include online credit applications and rate and payment calculators. 

To continue the engagement in the showroom, consider FLITE.  Through an interactive survey, customers self-identify their risks and lifestyle needs and then are presented with tailored, yet unbiased options to protect their vehicle.



The Power of MaximTrak and RouteOne Together

Take your digital workflow further. Forms created our menus flow seamlessly into a RouteOne eContract. That means you can tap into the ability to create a final eSigning ceremony of all deal documents either remotely at a customer’s location, or in-store on a tablet. Dealer's who use our menu and eContracting solutions have the ability to use single sign-on and push data back and forth. 


Get Started with Menu

Learn how to create a single-signing ceremony in-store or remotely with these new capabilities and sign up now for our upcoming live interactive webinar about the process. Questions? Feel free to connect with RouteOne Support or your RouteOne Business Development Manager for prompt assistance.