Helping Dealerships Manage Compliance for 20+ Years

November 02, 2022

Our Compliance and Security Timeline

The vehicle finance industry's compliance and security needs are unique, critical, and composed of ever-changing federal and state requirements. Dealership compliance tasks are daunting but essential. Since our beginning, we've provided products and tools designed to meet the needs of the industry. 

Compliance and security are crucial to all dealerships, and everything we build has that in mind. We offer various solutions to help dealers test, monitor, manage, and report on essential compliance requirements. Our tools continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. 

2008 - IDOne Verification Tool Released

According to the FTC, an estimated 9 million Americans have their identities stolen yearly. Victims can experience the trauma of damaged credit and emptied accounts, and the costs to a business can be high. Dealerships, in particular, can be the first line of defense when verifying a potential car buyer's identity.  

Verifying identity is a dealership's first step toward helping consumers purchase their next vehicle. We saw a need for a full-service identity verification tool that fits seamlessly in the RouteOne workflow and created IDOne. Dealers can confirm identities and potential fraud easily with IDOne. Our tool allows dealerships to customize the settings for their risk strategies. 


2009 - SecureDocOne Document Retention Tool Launched

While digital paperwork can physically take up less space than stacks of paper, secure digital storage of important data and documents is a key part of a dealership's compliance plan. A dealership's world is full of documentation: compliance paperwork, privacy notices, Non-public Personal Information (NPPI), aftermarket data, credit reports - the list is endless. Customer and application document retention is more critical than ever.

We created our SecureDocOne electronic document storage service to help subscribing dealerships securely store and access documents easily within RouteOne. Integrated with the RouteOne platform, dealers can reference documents as they work a deal, view a complete history of each document, print hard copies if needed, and more. In addition, eContracting dealers can enjoy automatic archival of electronic contracts, leases, and ancillary documents. 


2012 - Compliance Dashboard is Made Available 

Our Compliance Dashboard allows dealers to visually assess compliance at both the dealership- and transactional-level.  They can view potential compliance trouble spots and take action immediately.  We continue to enhance this free tool to help dealerships stay on top of their compliance tasks. 


2014 - Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service 

RouteOne's Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service was designed to help ease some of a dealership's compliance burdens. Our platform can automatically generate Adverse Action Notices pre-populated with customer information and ready to be distributed. RouteOne's Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service takes it further by automatically generating the Adverse Action Notice, stuffing it into an envelope, adding postage, and mailing it to the customer. Subscribing dealers can pick the package that's best for their business needs. 


2014 - Multi-Factor Authentication Deployed for All Dealerships

We launched our complimentary security feature Multi-Factor Authentication to help dealerships protect their data against theft and corruption. 

In a nutshell, a user ID and password are required for login, and a dealership employee can only log in from already registered or authenticated machines. Multi-Factor Authentication is easy to use and requires a few additional steps on the user's part. There is a one-time enrollment for each user, followed by a simple registration process when a user first uses an unauthenticated machine.


2015 - Completed First Security Operations Center (SOC) 2 Type 2 Audit
2021 – Completed First SOC Cyber Security Audit 


RouteOne remains vigilant against security threats to keep customer information safe continually. External auditors examine us annually to verify that we maintain an effective system of controls related to security, confidentiality, and privacy.

Additional Compliance Support 

RouteOne Compliance Webinars and Blogs

Staying up to date with the latest in dealership compliance has always been a top priority for RouteOne. Every quarter we release a webinar on pertinent industry topics. Recent webinars have been about the updated FTC Safeguards Rule, combatting synthetic identity fraud, Dealer Participation Certification Form (DPCF), and all the tools RouteOne offers to help dealerships in their quest to manage security and compliance. We also regularly post the latest news and updates on dealership compliance to our blog


Complimentary Compliance Tools and Support 

We know how important compliance is to every dealership. So we offer helpful complimentary compliance features like IP blocking, Activity Alerts, Permissions, Credit Score Disclosure Notices, a Privacy Notice Form Builder, and more.  

And our team is trained to help each dealership create a compliance plan unique to each store's business. We can help dealerships automate various compliance tasks so dealers can spend more time with customers. Reach out to a RouteOne Business Development Team member, or contact the RouteOne Service Desk to better manage your dealership's security and compliance today. 

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