Improve Your Dealership’s Sales with eContracting

The connected consumer is now compelled to research and compare vehicles online before setting foot in your dealership. This digital vehicle shopper is drastically altering the buying and selling landscape.

Consumers in the market for a new or used vehicle will spend more time on the internet researching car deals and financing options than in the past. They stroll into your store with the particular vehicle they want fully vetted and locked down.  Plus, it’s possible they’ve completed an online credit application from your website.  These qualified buyers expect you to fulfill their wishes quickly.

That’s why in this age of all things digital, it is imperative your dealership adopt available tools to bridge the buyer’s online experience to their in-store experience, resulting in a vehicle purchasing process that is faster and more pleasant for everyone.

From the grocery store to the gas station, everyone is familiar and at ease with completing a purchase using a digital signature pad.  Think about it, when is the last time you visited a retailer and checked out using an almost obsolete credit card machine? Consider what sort of impression a dealer who uses outdated technology might leave on today’s tech-savvy consumers. eContracting will still suit the preferences of almost any buyer.

Faster Funding and Fewer Errors

With eContracting, you gain something everyone always wants more of - time and money. Plus when you offer your customers a streamlined buying experience, you’re sure to see elevated CSI scores.

Financing speed is a considerable eContracting bonus. When you manage several thousands of dollars in contracts in transit (CIT) every day, you know that the turnaround time can make or break your bottom line. Compared to yesterday’s paper contracts, today’s eContracting can dramatically improve finance source funding time from days to sometimes minutes. 

In addition, when you link your website’s embedded credit application with your eContracting tool, no longer will you have to resubmit paperwork due to missing information. In-field validation, when available, ensures all fields are accurate, or it can’t be sent in the first place. With built-in compliance checkpoints along the way, RouteOne’s eContracting can reduce or eliminate mistakes that result in held offerings.  eContracting helps speed up the funding process, elevating your potential savings, and boosting customer satisfaction. 


Take Advantage of Our Technologies

eSign Anything® - Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of eSign Anything. This free enhancement enables our eContracting dealers to electronically send ALL eSignable deal documents to a customer and securely capture signatures in one signing ceremony, remotely or in-store.

Remotely eSign Contract Documents - Remote eSigning allows a consumer to securely review and electronically sign an eContract, along with associated RouteOne-generated ancillary documents, at a time and place of their choosing.


Start eContracting Today

Reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager for questions and assistance.  You can also sign up for online eContracting training.