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Now You Can Add Aftermarket Products to eContracts

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Speed up your sales process and improve your workflow when you add aftermarket products to your eContracts – here’s how.

In today’s marketplace, consumers of all ages and skillsets prefer a more streamlined buying and F&I process.  Potential buyers enter your dealership armed with a substantial amount of research. The educated consumer expects transparency and a faster purchase process. Your coffee may be good, and your Pandora playlist spot-on, but nobody wants to wait around your store any longer than necessary.

On the other side of the deal are dealerships constantly seeking ways to save time and money while providing the buying experience consumers crave. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of the available tools and solutions developed with F&I managers like you in mind.

For example, consider our complimentary Aftermarket Rating and Contracting service created to enhance the RouteOne eContracting process. Once you’re registered, you’ll gain access to direct integration with aftermarket providers. You can easily retrieve product rates, register a product sale, and execute a contract for an aftermarket product, all within RouteOne’s eContracting workflow.

Are you eContracting Yet? 

You should know that RouteOne’s eContracting platform was designed to save time and elevate profits in your F&I Department.  eContracting can help you leverage advantages to stay competitive. eContracting with RouteOne can dramatically improve funding time by eliminating shipping time, and by reducing or eliminating mistakes that result in held offerings.

If you aren’t eContracting yet, it’s easy to start.  Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can subscribe to eContracting in RouteOne under Admin -> Premium Services. Learn more and begin eContracting today.

Enhance Your eContracting Workflow

If your dealership is already embracing eContracting, consider taking another step towards creating a complete end-to-end purchase process.

When you subscribe to our complimentary RouteOne Aftermarket Rating & Contracting service, you’ll be connected to a variety of product providers to help you to select a plan, plus sign and distribute aftermarket forms to customers and finance sources, all within RouteOne’s eContracting workflow. Our digital integration allows you to add product forms to your eContracts and includes them in a final single signing ceremony.

With RouteOne’s Aftermarket Rating and Contracting you’ll save time because of the ability to:

  • automate forms associated with aftermarket product sales
  • generate the right form for the right product every time
  • include product forms in the signing process and funding package automatically
  • speed up the F&I process

Elevate the contracting process in a way that’s convenient and efficient for both you and your customers. With Aftermarket Rating and Contracting, you can benefit from having less actual paperwork and ultimately increase efficiencies within your dealership. Also, you’ll gain more time to talk to your customers to find the best products for their needs and lifestyle.

Looking for a Menu Option?

If you prefer using an interactive menu, take advantage of RouteOne’s integration with MaximTrak and their FLITE platform. Your customers can personalize their vehicle with aftermarket products on their own, or get assistance from you in your dealership, depending on their preference. You can submit all the necessary forms seamlessly in the RouteOne eContracting workflow.

Take Advantage of our Solutions

Embrace the technology that can help make customers happy and enhance your sales at the same time.  With our integrated aftermarket tools, you can provide flexibility for the best path for each unique customer while still controlling the process.  Use tools that can make vehicle buying an enjoyable event. An experience that customers brag about to their friends and family.

See how easy it is to get started using RouteOne’s Aftermarket Rating and Contracting. Connect with your RouteOne Business Development Manager who will be happy to get you on your new streamlined path today.