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Digitally Add Aftermarket Products to eContracts – Your Way


Digital. Online. Paperless.  These are the latest buzzwords swirling around the “new” vehicle purchase process. 
Consumers AND dealers are elevating their demands for more ways to take advantage of remote buying at home or want to enjoy a near-contactless process in your store. If you’re already eContracting with RouteOne, you know how easy it is to create an eContract and capture signatures electronically.  But did you know you can also add your aftermarket product forms into the eContracting workflow for digital signature capture as well?  Of course, to take advantage of this technology, you have to embrace the solutions that integrate with RouteOne eContracting.
When it comes to selling aftermarket products, many F&I managers have a different approach. What a group in Houston may use does not always suit a dealership in Ohio. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we have several technologies to choose from depending on your dealership’s needs and budget. 
RouteOne Aftermarket Rating & Contracting
If you are looking for a quick solution to add aftermarket forms to your eContracts, the RouteOne Aftermarket Rating & Contracting service is your lightweight, no-cost choice. 
Your dealership can easily subscribe to this solution in the RouteOne platform in just a few clicks. After registration, you’ll have access to our ever-growing availability of digital product forms. 
We’re connected to a variety of leading providers who sell aftermarket products like service contracts, GAP insurance, tire and wheel protection, anti-theft, and much more. Our integration with the Provider Exchange Network (PEN) grants subscribers access to a growing list of leading providers like JM&A, Zurich®, and Allstate®.
You can retrieve product coverage levels, generate and sign aftermarket forms, and register a product sale, all within RouteOne’s eContracting worksheet. Aftermarket forms are sent to your finance source at the same time as your finance agreements, eliminating the need to fax or upload those documents and saving everyone time in the F&I process. 
MaximTrak’s Suite of Solutions
Looking for a more robust, interactive, and educational F&I solution?  
Many consumer are not only researching their latest vehicle online before they enter your store; they’re also interested in learning more about their choice of F&I products. It’s more likely an educated consumer is primed to buy aftermarket products.  So it might benefit your bottom line to have tools to present aftermarket choices either in-store or have the ability to send a link for product review at home. 
Enter MaximTrak®. 
It may sound simple, but you should understand how to connect to the needs, fears, and passions of your customers to make the sale and deliver a meaningful experience.  Consider taking advantage of new technologies like MaximTrak’s needs-based F&I presentation tools that include interactive menus, e-rating, product videos, customer surveys, and much more.  
MaximTrak tools were created to help you reach your goals with the in-store consumer as well as those customers that prefer a remote experience. 
For example, MaximTrak FLITE® helps dealers build compelling presentations that you can hand directly to your customers to view and interact with on a tablet. 
MaximTrak GO™  is a new menu presentation service that allows consumers to discover and select protection products through the convenience of their mobile device. Text or email a link so customers can learn about the products that may bring the most value to them, in advance of the in-store F&I and delivery process.
The Cherry on the Digital Experience
Whether you go for the no-frills option or prefer a more robust menu for your aftermarket sales, you can still benefit from the flexibility and convenience of eSign Anything™. Our secure signing process allows consumers to electronically sign all eSignable deal documents, including aftermarket product forms generated in both RouteOne and MaximTrak. 
Dealers can cater to the consumer experience and capture signatures based on preferences, either in-store or remotely. 
We Can Help You Decide
Can’t choose which way to go? Reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager, who will be happy to answer any questions you have about eContracting, adding aftermarket forms to your workflow, MaximTrak solutions, eSign Anything, and more. 
Tales from the Field  
Learn about one dealership’s first-hand experience with MaximTrak GO and our RouteOne Remote eSigning. 
“In regards to the customer experience, we’ve heard nothing but great things.”