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Eight Tips to Start and Continue eContracting

Technology in your hands

In a recent survey, many of our dealers said they appreciate the ease and convenience of RouteOne eContracting and enjoy saving both time and money. Customer information populates from your RouteOne credit application, your DMS, or wherever your deal begins, into a RouteOne eContract. The entire process is designed to reduce duplicate data entry and eliminate errors like missing signatures.

Don’t forget about the customer experience. You know by now that a good customer experience could be a key to your long-term success. Many consumers prefer to shop for vehicles as they shop for other goods and services – in a way that is flexible, transparent, and easy to navigate. When you add eContracting to your workflow, you are adapting to consumers who prefer a process that’s as streamlined as possible. Read the steps below to take advantage of all that eContracting could offer your business.

  1. Check the Numbers

Still skeptical about what you could save when you eContract with RouteOne? Explore our new savings calculator that’s simple to personalize with your dealership’s figures.

  1. Take Advantage of Our Connections

RouteOne’s open integration platform is the cornerstone of our ability to provide custom business solutions for your unique business strategies. We’re connected to the top Dealer Service Providers and Dealer Management Systems in the vehicle finance industry, making it simple to start eContracting right away.

  1. Look for Your Preferred Lenders

Check out our growing list of 70 finance sources that eContract with us, probably many of your favorites. When a lender supports eContracting, crucial contract documents and data are quickly shared, helping funding to happen faster, sometimes in minutes.

  1. Sign Up for a Webinar

We designed our weekly complimentary webinars so newbies and novices can learn more about our eContracting platform.  Bring your questions and comments to receive immediate answers and feedback.

  1. Download our eContracting eBooks

We created two easy-to-read complimentary eBooks designed to provide dealers with insights and tips about eContracting.  If you’re beginning the path to eContracting, we suggest you download eContracting Basics -Volume I to get a grasp of the fundamentals.  Already eContracting and want to learn more about our latest upgrades? Read eContracting Advancements - Volume II

  1. Learn How to Add aftermarket Products to Your eContracts

RouteOne’s Aftermarket Rating and Contracting is a complimentary service you can use to conveniently add protection products - with or without a menu - to your eContracts. Save time, avoid duplicate data entry, and create an efficient, electronic contract submission workflow.

  1. Discover our Remote Options

With RouteOne’s Remote Document Delivery service, you can electronically deliver deal documents to your customers for review before signature, while RouteOne’s Remote eSigning, an industry first, allows you to collect remote electronic signatures, both in the comfort of the customer’s environment.

  1. Find Your Storage Solution

When all the properly signed digital paperwork is complete, consider electronically filing your data with SecureDocOne. This tool is integrated with the RouteOne platform for easy electronic storage and retrieval of critical documents like compliance paperwork, credit reports, privacy notices, and more.


Questions? Contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager or RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301.