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Navigate Today’s Marketplace With Flexible Digital Retail Solutions

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Today’s consumers take different paths to purchase their vehicles. Some buyers want to manage vehicle financing on their own. Other shoppers prefer to handle all the paperwork in your store. But, what is the one thing all consumers have in common?  A desire for a quick and streamlined buying process. It’s now more important than ever that dealerships provide the tools and resources to create a seamless end-to-end buying experience that many consumers demand.  When you work towards enhancing the customer experience to the best of your ability, you could bring back past customers, attract new ones, and hopefully keep a large percentage for a lifetime.

The At-Home Buyer

Consumers who want to search and shop online in their own environment should be able to research potential makes and models, learn the value of their trade-in, find a budget-friendly price, apply for financing, and more. If buyers choose to fill out an online credit application, ideally that crucial information would be digitally sent to your dealership for contract creation.

RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services feature an embedded online credit application and a responsive design for use on mobile devices.  Dealers can continue their digital workflow with our eContracting platform, and take advantage of features like Remote Document Delivery and Remote eSigning. With Remote Document Delivery, you can digitally deliver a contract package to your customers for advance review before they walk into your dealership to sign. Customers can choose to Remote eSign the eContract from home or eSign at your dealership.  Allowing customers to select the path they prefer will go a long way towards instilling customer satisfaction.

An optimal digital retail platform allows buyers to begin vehicle shopping online and continue the journey as far as their comfort level allows. Ideally, at whatever point your customers stop, the process should seamlessly flow from your website to your dealership with no rework.

The In-Store Buyer

Customers that still prefer your help would benefit from an in-store mobile point of sale functionality that allows you to present contracts and capture signatures. You can hand a customer a tablet loaded with our easy-to-use app, and they can fill out and eSign their credit application with your guidance. With the right RouteOne integration, you can quickly and securely send their data directly into an eContract.

The right digital retail tools can save time for yourself and your customers by reducing the time required for document generation and the F&I in-store closing process. Electronic distribution of your eContracts to your finance sources will complete the electronic process – delivering an error-free contract to the finance source, cutting your CITs, and saving you valuable cash flow.


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RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services are flexible and customized solutions created and continually enhanced to meet the demands of the ever-changing automotive marketplace. Take a moment to compare our three subscription levels and choose the plan that's right for you. Learn more here or reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager to boost your digital footprint today.