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Kick-Off the New Year with Our Latest Enhancements

The resilience of the vehicle finance industry was on full display in 2020. The demand for a digital purchase process escalated.  More consumers were opting for a low-contact experience.  Many of the best solutions encompass a mix of new and existing online tools – like a digital process guided by an F&I manager. In 2020, we added enhancements for a complete end-to-end digital workflow that supports an in-store, remote, or hybrid process, all with your guidance. Get acquainted with the solutions of today to kick off a profitable new year. 
The Low-Contact Purchase Path Begins with the Credit App
With a desire for transparency and a consumer-driven experience, many customers are demanding flexible F&I tools to complete a great deal of the vehicle purchase process digitally and on their own time. RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services  help you engage with your customers who start shopping online, allowing them to submit lead information, apply for credit, and request quotes. Remotely or in-store, our solutions are adaptable to almost any situation and can be led by your guidance. 
Capture eSignatures on all eSignable Forms
To answer the call of the marketplace, we rolled out our eContracting enhancement, eSign Anything®. This solution allows you to package all eSignable deal documents into a single eSigning session. Our secure signing process brings together eContracts, aftermarket forms, and any other eSignable deal document. With eSign Anything, you can walk your customers through the entire signing ceremony remotely or in-store, in the low-contact method many prefer. Capturing all signatures in one signing ceremony enhances the customer experience, speeds up the F&I process, and helps you capture all necessary signatures at once.
Save more time when you create signature fields once for any uploaded eSignable form. Create signature templates one time, then use the templates repeatedly. 
With RouteOne’s eContracting, dealers can create a full F&I experience that is low-contact and adaptable to an in-store or remote process, or a combination of both.  A hybrid method allows consumers to start the purchase process online alone or guided by a dealer via phone or a video chat service.  For example, a consumer could submit an online credit application from home but come into the dealership later to finish selecting aftermarket products. The possibilities are endless. 
It’s worth noting that this year, the number of finance sources that support RouteOne eContracting rose significantly to nearly 200 eContracting-supportive finance sources – the most in the industry. That means dealers can choose the finance sources of their choice and start capitalizing on all the benefits of eContracting.  
Remote Aftermarket Menu
MaximTrak subscribers have access to MaximTrak GO™.  MaximTrak GO allows consumers to easily discover and select protection products right from their mobile devices.  Just send a link to your customer, and help them choose products that work for them, either before the in-store F&I process or during an online video chat. 
Remote eSigning
Remote eSigning allows consumers to securely review and eSign all eSignable deal documents in a single ceremony at a time and place of their choosing. Your customers can review all documents and sign precisely what they see in our secure Remote eSigning process. You can also remotely monitor the signing ceremony and walk them through the process to ensure your customers know they are in capable hands. As a reminder, RouteOne never charges for access to its base eContracting solution.
We’re Here to Help You Succeed
We offer a variety of self-guided training to help you quickly ramp-up your skillset. From easy-to-follow guides and videos to helpful snippets in our newsletters, blogs, and social media platforms.  Want some personalized assistance?  Your RouteOne Business Development Manager and the RouteOne Service Desk will be happy to lend a hand.  Also, take advantage of our live and complimentary webinars on eContracting, Remote eSigning, and the power of RouteOne and MaximTrak together.