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Are you eContracting but want to level-up your game and learn more?  When you move beyond the basics, you could elevate the customer experience even more by creating a streamlined purchase process. As you know, many consumers start the vehicle purchase process online, from researching prices to completing an online credit application on your website.


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In August 2018, a critical vulnerability was discovered by researchers who were able to send an encoded fax document, placing malicious malware on the receiving fax machine. Yes, even fax machines are subject to security vulnerabilities. If these machines are connected to your network, that's where the risk lies in wait. 

The connected consumer is compelled to research and compare vehicles online before setting foot in your dealership. This digital vehicle shopper is drastically altering the buying and selling landscape. Consumers in the market for a new or used vehicle will spend more time on the internet researching car deals and financing options than in the past. They stroll into your store with the particular vehicle they want fully vetted and locked down.


Compliance Posts

When you practice daily hygiene, (and let's hope you do) you have a routine for activities like showering and brushing your teeth.
The same concept applies to manage security or cyber "hygiene"; you create a system of routines and checks required to preserve your dealership's online health.
In today’s marketplace, the security of sensitive data is crucial to the sustainability of consumer trust and ultimately the success of any business. Nowhere is this concept more relevant than in the modern dealership ecosystem.

As kids, you were probably told at some point to “play nice” with siblings, cousins, and classmates. As an adult, you automatically play nice with family, coworkers, customers, and the various people who cross your path in the course of your daily activities.

As you know, the customer journey has evolved.  Yesterday, consumers had limited options when it came to shopping for a new vehicle.  Walking into your dealership was the only sure way to explore finance options, trade-in values, and other car-buying tasks.

The retail landscape is rapidly evolving.

Consumers should have the ability to connect with your dealership from almost anywhere as they adapt to technological changes in the marketplace.

In today’s omni-channel world, it’s a good idea to be able to reach buyers no matter where they start the shopping process: online, in-store, or a combination of several channels.


Compliance Posts

Physical Data Breach: Visual Hacking and Clean Desks. Updated advertising, new marketing campaigns, manufacturer incentives, and the creation of a sales-friendly environment in your showroom may increase traffic.  However, not every person who wanders in will be intent on buying a car. Most may be shopping, but not all may be shopping for a car: paper credit applications on desks, open credit reports on laptops, papers containing sensitive data in the trash, or keys left out on desks are a few of the items malicious actors are looking to exploit at your dealership.

As we all know, the world of retail is swiftly changing, and the vehicle F&I industry is not immune to the ongoing shift. Vast changes in technology have empowered more consumers than ever before to begin the vehicle buying and financing process themselves, on their own devices and timeline.