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RouteOne will help guide you through compliance challenges. We know that a dealer’s world is full of documentation: compliance paperwork, privacy policies, personal information, aftermarket data, credit reports - the list is endless. Compliance continues to be prevalent concern in the automotive finance industry and the retention of customer and application data is more important than ever. 

RouteOne's SecureDocOne supports one of a dealership’s compliance obligations of document retention, by allowing dealers to upload documents for electronic storage. SecureDocOne supports easy retrieval, management, and distribution of electronically stored documents. It also allows users to print and add notes to documents, and offers flexible user permissions.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Ability to store documents electronically for easy retrieval at any time for the length of your subscription
  • Keeps critical data safe and secure such as compliance paperwork, personal information, aftermarket data, credit reports, etc.
  • Integrated within the RouteOne platform so you can easily reference documents as you work
  • Provides a complete history of each document stored along with an audit trail that displays any edits made along the way
  • Simply print stored documents whenever you need them
  • Easily upload electronic lease and ancillary documents within RouteOne, saving time and effort
  • Flexibility to modify user permissions so you can manage user access


Document Storage for all your RouteOne related tasks!

SecureDocOne has the ability to upload and electronically store any type of document, such as:

Document Types

  • Credit Application
  • Decision Details (includes Decision History Summary)
  • Credit Report
  • Credit Report Disclosure
  • Credit Score Disclosures
  • Contract
  • Contract Package
  • Credit Card Terms & Conditions
  • Vehicle
  • Government
  • Service/Parts
  • Aftermarket
  • And other miscellaneous documents

Subscribe Today. It's Simple!

Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can subscribe to SecureDocOne in the ‘Admin’ tab of the RouteOne system, under Other Services, SecureDocOne. If you have any further questions, reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager, or call 877.556.0003.