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Tools for Finance Sources

Take Advantage of All That RouteOne Has to Offer Your Finance Source

RouteOne offers a wide variety of products, services, and features for finance sources, from the credit application process to payoff quotes. RouteOne has the technology to meet the needs of your business, so that your business can continue to grow.  Here are some of the tools available for your finance sources:

  • Dynamic Credit Application
    With RouteOne, your finance source will be able to integrate to multiple loan origination systems (LOSs), and have access a large group of dealerships! Dealer communications will be improved with our enhanced statuses, targeted communications, and by sharing your latest rates and forms. RouteOne works wherever you are, on computer or a mobile device, with a web-based system, plus, it can all be monitored with our complimentary reporting suite.

  • Enhanced Statuses
    Supporting enhanced statuses such as “Approved,” “Booked,” and “Conditioned” provides more efficient communication to your dealers, from initial application submission to funding.

  • Rates & Forms
    Provide your latest rates and forms to your dealers directly on the RouteOne platform. You can target communications by dealer or province. 

  • Text Messaging
    Communicate with your dealers in real-time to work a deal more efficiently.  By offering this functionality, you provide a quick path to rehash and confirm deal changes, and create an audit trail of all associated communications. 

  • Reporting Suite
    RouteOne’s free reporting suite allows you to monitor the type of business you are receiving, how fast you are funding it, and what percentage of a dealer’s business you might be missing.

  • Payoff Quote
    Eliminate the cost of some service desk calls, while increasing dealer satisfaction at no additional cost. With the integration of electronic Payoff Quote through RouteOne, you will be able to provide a real-time vehicle payoff amount for a customer 24/7/365.