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Leverage the Power of MaximTrak Menu

How do you tell your customers about products that could elevate their vehicle ownership experience?   Using a menu to present and sell aftermarket products is a great way to create a transparent, informative, and personalized buying experience.  

MaximTrak is part of RouteOne’s suite of solutions that can enhance the purchase process for dealers and their customers with the cutting-edge tools you need to present your portfolio of F&I products.  


The Value of Menu Selling 

Using a tool like MaximTrak Menu allows you to personalize your product line for each customer.  You start with a customer-facing survey to build a buyer profile. Then, you can present a comprehensive list of ancillary products most applicable to your customer’s driving habits and lifestyle.  

MaximTrak provides you with the ability to create menu presentations with clear product information that helps inform a customer and ease their apprehension about the F&I process.  

Our flexible solutions allow you to present in-store or virtually.  For example, with MaximTrak GO®, you can send a link by text or email, and your customers can select protection products from their mobile devices, either on their own or with your assistance. 

With MaximTrak, you can increase CSI and your bottom line while decreasing transaction times.  


MaximTrak Products 

Be responsive to today’s marketplace and take advantage of our technology. Here are some of the products MaximTrak offers: 

MaximTrak Menu  MaximTrak FLITE®  MaximTrak GO® 
MaximTrak Menu engages and includes your customers in the F&I process. Build personalized and interactive presentations to offer the products best suited to each individual buyer. MaximTrak Menu can also help you manage compliance and streamline your workflow for increased profitability and higher CSI scores. MaximTrak FLITE® is an industry-first presentation tool that can revolutionize your F&I processes by putting the customer in control. Employing the latest touch technology of tablets, TVs, and tabletop devices, FLITE enables dealerships to build and execute powerful presentations to customers.   With one text link, dealers can launch a unique text-to-transaction experience that reaches consumers wherever they are. MaximTrak GO® converts your menu into an interactive smart-phone presentation so you can send, show, and sell your products and packages. 



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