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RouteOne Canada Launches Electronic Document Rentention Tool For Dealers

RouteOne Canada launched SecureDocOne, an electronic document retention tool that supports a dealer’s compliance needs for easy retrieval, management, and distribution of critical consumer documents within the RouteOne system.

SecureDocOne allows dealers to scan and upload pdf documents including applications, reports, privacy policies, contract packages, decision details, government documents, service/parts documents, or any other ancillary document associated to a deal. Critical data is kept safe and secure for easy retrieval at any time. It provides a complete history of each document stored along with an audit trail that displays any edits made along the way. Users also have the ability to add notes to stored documents. Dealers can easily access stored documents at any time and may print hard copies as needed. To protect customer information, a dealer can set permissions to manage access based on the needs of a particular user.

“A dealer’s world is full of documentation and compliance requirements. Keeping on top of them can be a challenge and that’s where RouteOne can help,” stated Anthony Goulbourne, RouteOne Canada’s Senior Vice President, “SecureDocOne not only saves time and streamlines the dealer’s workflow, but it also provides secure storage of the data that a dealer is required to protect.”

To learn more about SecureDocOne, or to subscribe, please contact RouteOne at 877.556.0003 or visit


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