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Dealer Reporting Suite

Review Key Performance Metrics to Pinpoint New Opportunities with the RouteOne Reporting Suite

Our reporting suite provides you with a concise yet comprehensive view of your dealership’s finance department and finance source performance. These near real-time reports give you fingertip access to key performance metrics to pinpoint new opportunities for growth and profit!

Available Reports in the RouteOne Reporting Suite

  • Time Sales Analysis Report
    Displays your dealership’s total finance penetration and finance source mix (share) for financed contracts.
  • ​Decision and Funding Analysis Report
    Allows your dealership to monitor finance source decision mix and times for all submitted application decisions (approved, conditioned, declined).
  • Credit Bureau Volume Report
    Displays users with report permissions, credit bureau volume, and credit scores for all credit reports run within RouteOne, at the summary- and detail-levels.
  • Time Tracker Report
    Exported list of transactional funding time by finance source and dealership.  It assists in monitoring finance source funding speed across multiple dealerships.
  • The Aftermarket Performance Report
    Displays aftermarket volumes, monthly growth, and other performance metrics, allowing you to do a side-by-side comparison of users’ aftermarket performances.
  • The Aftermarket Penetration Report
    Displays the aftermarket products sold over multiple dealerships, by vehicle model.

To access any of these reports, visit the ‘Reports’ tab while logged in your RouteOne account. For more information on these reports, please contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager, or RouteOne Support at 877.556.0003.