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RouteOne’s Desking solution provides a simple way to compare multiple financing and vehicle options for a customer. With the click of a button, you can work multiple quotes, copy deal data, change finance terms, vehicles, cash down, or switch from finance to lease. We know you’re busy, that’s why we have provided an auto save feature for any changes that are made to a deal. Our Roll Payment feature lets you easily meet your customers’ payment requirements. Rates and incentives along with inventory integration are available so you can provide accurate quotes and an improved customer experience. After your deal has been desked, data can be populated in a credit application as part of the seamless RouteOne workflow.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Desk all types of deals quickly for customers, including retail, lease, and cash
  • Provides an enhanced purchase experience with accurate deal rates and programs that are backed by a guarantee*
  • Provide an enhanced purchase experience with accurate deal rates and incentives on every deal quoted
  • Meet customers payment requirements with Roll Payment feature, which enables you to start with a payment and automatically calculate the terms (e.g., vehicle price, money down, etc.) needed to fulfill those requirements
  • Search or monitor all existing deals at a glance, in one location
  • Support a busy workflow with auto-save functionality, allowing you to switch between deals with no data loss
  • Create multiple deal options with the click of a button. Reduce keystroke errors with in-field validation
  • Access your DMS managed inventory
  • Set a default interest rate for all finance deals to help better manage compliance
  • Benefit from seamless workflow within the RouteOne Platform


Premium Desking Product Offering

  • Desk Retail, Lease, and Cash Deals
  • OEM Rates and Incentives
  • Inventory Integration via 3rd Party Providers
  • Customer friendly printouts
  • Retail and Lease Standard and Subventive rates, money factors, residuals, and rebates for multiple Finance Sources using our 3rd party service.
  • Rebate compatibility for Retail and Lease using our 3rd party service.

Subscribe Today. It's Simple!

Subscribe to Desking in the Admin tab of the RouteOne system, under Premium Services, Desking. A specialist from the RouteOne Desking team will then contact you to configure Desking for you. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to your Business Development Manager or RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301.

See the RouteOne Desking DPA Addendum Agreement for specific guarantee information including exclusions and limitations.

Customer reviews

“RouteOne’s Desking tool is excellent. The integration is great, however what sets it apart for me is the look and functionality of the customer proposals.”

Jesse Akins, Sales Manager at Pace Chevrolet