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MaximTrak Dashboards®

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MaximTrak Dashboards® reporting is the most comprehensive reporting solution available in the industry today. With real-time reporting capabilities, you’ll always know how the dealership, an employee, or a certain product is performing during a specific month, week, or even day.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Real-time enterprise reporting 
  • Comprehensive & configurable
  • Daily reports sent directly to inbox
  • Customize & automate batch reporting 
  • Complex data aggregation & analysis 
  • Business & Bank Intelligence 
  • For OEMs, Dealers, Agents, Finance Managers
  • Average Gross Profit Per Vehicle
  • PVR by Transaction Type
  • Product Penetration
  • Gross Profit Mix by Product Line
  • PVR by F&I Manager
  • PVR by F&I GSM
  • Banks by Average
  • Banks by Finance Volume
  • New reports & enhancements 

How Dashboards Reporting works

DMS Integration

MaximTrak utilizes a multitude of DMS systems and consolidates data to present in a customizable dashboard so you can get the exact information you need, when you need it. Using this single database structure, you’ll be able to see trends of which products are selling, which managers are selling the most, and more, so you can make the most effective, profitable decisions.

Custom Reporting System

You can also tailor this system to pull the data that you want, as well as create dashboard presentations and reports in a variety of formats. Filter by vehicle sales type, transaction type, dealer group, F&I product sold, date range, or personnel. By seeing these specific numbers, you’ll be able to easily identify what’s performing and where potential opportunities lie.

Real-Time Data Entry

Attempting to analyze a vast sea of numbers can quickly become overwhelming; and if relying on manual data entry, ensuring total accuracy is nearly impossible. With Dashboards reporting, sales, product, and performance data are pulled automatically – no more waiting until the end of the month for lengthy reports or investigating potentially inaccurate or redundant data. Dealer principals get the critical reports they need sent to them every day.  It’s the health of their business available all day, every day.

Centralized Solution

Dashboards is part of MaximTrak’s suite of solutions, accessible through RouteOne’s single sign-on process, allowing dealerships all the tools they need for a configurable, connected, and comprehensive sales experience that meets the “tech-spectations” of the modern consumer.


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