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RouteOne and MaximTrak Transition Key Staff

Friday, August 2, 2019

In 2016, RouteOne acquired the assets of MaximTrak to realize the vision shared by the two long-time partners of delivering a seamless vehicle F&I sales process, in store and online. Their complementary strategies have now come together to deliver on the vision of a complete sales and F&I solution that meets OEM, dealer, and consumer needs – any time, any place, and on any device.  Jim Maxim, Jr., co-founder of MaximTrak, has now completed his transition work with RouteOne and Imran Mussani has been confirmed to lead the Wayne, PA team as Vice President, MaximTrak Operations. Jim remains in emeritus status and consults on company matters such as digital solutions.

Since the acquisition, Imran Mussani has played a pivotal role in the seamless integration of the RouteOne and MaximTrak solutions, including their Single Sign On process. Mussani has a proven record of success from previous leadership at Harley-Davidson Financial Services, delivering their online digital dealer solutions, which included rolling out the MaximTrak platform to 800 dealers.  Prior to that, Mussani spent a number of years at GMAC/Ally Financial, leading DMS integration and eCommerce strategies for their insurance division.  He also launched some of the first B2B eCommerce solutions while working at Covisint earlier in his career.

Jim Maxim, Jr. co-founded MaximTrak in 2003. Under Maxim’s visionary leadership, the company developed a suite of award winning tools to streamline the aftermarket process for dealers, aftermarket insurance providers, and OEMs.  Since the acquisition, the two organizations have validated their integration strategy through product development, market feedback, and customer engagements.  Maxim has worked with RouteOne’s executive team on a seamless product and leadership transition that will allow the overall organization to expand and enhance its service to the market and their customers. 

MaximTrak’s portfolio of digital solutions is utilized by leading retailers in the industry in F&I, showroom, and online implementations and includes:

  • MenuTrak™ – electronic F&I menus, sales presentation, and compliance management.
  • Dashboards™ – Comprehensive DMS enabled reporting platform.
  • FLITE® – Digital showroom experience leveraging consumer-interactive drag & drop technology, smart customer survey, predictive decisioning engine, and an intelligent product recommendation solution.
  • ENGAGE - Online retail solution that connects consumers and dealership F&I departments earlier in the buying cycle by capturing and engaging via mobile or showroom experiences to deliver a complete, transparent, and efficient digital buying solution.

“Not only is it an incredible honor to know that our technologies will continue to evolve and expand with the investments of RouteOne, but it is a personal comfort to leave MaximTrak in the capable hands of like-minded leaders. I know what is in the pipeline and can’t wait to see where MaximTrak’s new vision, creativity, and talent takes the industry.” Jim Maxim, Jr.

“Over the last 30 months, we have been impressed by the unique strategies Jim has built into MaximTrak’s solutions,” stated Imran Mussani, Vice President of MaximTrak Operations. “The next iteration of MaximTrak is going to advance those strategies, making good on the groundwork Jim has laid, and help innovate in new areas of the industry.”

“We are grateful for Jim’s vision, the alignment that has now come to fruition, and the opportunity that is now available to our customers,” stated Justin Oesterle, RouteOne’s Chief Executive Officer. “Jim will undoubtedly set the pace with his next endeavors.”

Key Facts:

  • Imran Mussani, Vice President, MaximTrak Operations, will operate as the leader of the MaximTrak team located in Wayne, PA and will join RouteOne’s Executive Committee.
  • Product Development, Application Delivery, Marketing, IT Operations, Legal, Finance, and HR for MaximTrak will be supported by RouteOne’s Farmington Hills, MI team.
  • RouteOne and MaximTrak serve: 1,400+ finance sources, 18,000+ dealers, 190+ dealer service providers, 80+ aftermarket insurance providers, and 10+ OEMs.
  • RouteOne and MaximTrak employ approximately 400 people with offices in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Canada, as well as local staff in major markets.
  • Directly and through partnerships, RouteOne and MaximTrak have customers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.