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RouteOne Security Features

RouteOne recognizes the importance of your dealership staying ahead of emerging security threats, which is why we’ve created a variety of products and services to help protect your dealership and its data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Multi-Factor Authentication involves multiple processes for authenticating the legitimacy of the user and the device being utilized to log into the RouteOne system.
  • It involves selecting several challenge questions and unique answers that will be used to verify users’ identities during login.
  • Additionally, it requires that each new PC, laptop, or mobile device you use to access the RouteOne system be registered and authenticated. Detailed information about Multi-Factor Authentication can be found here.


Required Password Updates

Every 90 days when users log into the RouteOne system, they are prompted to update their password to help protect their account against unauthorized access. Detailed instructions to update passwords can be accessed here


IP Blocking

IP Blocking is a simple and effective tool that can increase security at your dealership. Invoking IP Blocking can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive customer data by allowing only dealership users from a dealership-approved IP address to enter your RouteOne system. 


Activity Alerts

Our Activity Alert tool allows permissioned users to create settings to notify your dealership of potentially suspicious user activity within the RouteOne platform. Receive reports designed to inform you when certain data is being re-used more than once on different credit applications or booked contracts. This information may include applicant name, SSN, phone number, employer information, vehicle, and more.


User Permissions

This tool allows permissioned users to assign employee access permissions to suit your business processes, govern employee access to personal and confidential customer data, and manage data-sharing permissions with your finance sources.  You are in control; no one gets access to customer data unless you provide it.


Active Dealer User Report

The Active Dealer User Report aids your dealership in managing security by providing detailed information on RouteOne users and their RouteOne activity history within your dealership. As employees leave your dealership, this tool helps ensure that only current, valid employees have access to the RouteOne system. You can generate on-demand user reports to help track and manage your dealership’s compliance efforts.


Data Masking

Data Masking keeps unauthorized individuals from seeing sensitive data by masking SSNs, tax IDs, and driver’s license numbers when entering a credit app or running a credit bureau.

Additional Resources

For additional information, please contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager or RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301. Dealers may also join RouteOne's complimentary live training sessions.

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