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Your time is valuable, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. Even if you use RouteOne daily, you may not be aware of all the time saving features available. Here are a few features you may have overlooked that can increase your efficiency and optimize your workflow.

Although eContracting has been around for a long time (we have been entering into electronic contracts for years at department stores and grocery stores every time we sign a signature pad), financing or leasing an automobile through the use of an electronic contract is still a relatively new experience for customers and dealers alike. 

In the beginning, it seemed it was only the captive finance sources who explored the realm of eContracting. Now finance sources small and large are considering eContracting, too, and many are on the verge of participation! This change is being driven by evolving consumer expectations, dealer demand, and the security and efficiency benefits eContracting offers to finance sources.

It’s About the Customers

What was once a concept of the future is now present in full force. Dealers around the country are beginning to adapt to the eContracting boom. Why are dealers so interested? Here a three key factors.   

Faster Funding and Cost Savings

In “Part 1 of 5: A Primer on eContracting from RouteOne,”  RouteOne provided a basic overview of eContracting. This next segment focuses on the “behind the scenes technology” you need to consider when utilizing eContracting at your dealership.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is the first installment of a five-part blog series that will cover the state of eContracting.  Over the coming weeks, we will look at eContracting from a number of angles, including: the technology that makes eContracting possible, legal and compliance considerations, finance source benefits, dealer benefits, and the future of eContracting. To start the series, we at RouteOne will provide a quick primer on what eContracting is all about.

What Is eContracting?

Dealers rely on the Compliance Dashboard as a tool to help them monitor their Adverse Action, Risk Based Pricing, IDOne, and OFAC processes/procedures.

There are thousands of independent auto dealers in this country. Many of them are “Buy here, pay here,” many offer financing, and some simply want customers to cut them a check for their vehicles. In which category do you fall?

If you are logging into multiple RouteOne systems by entering a unique username and password for each dealership, there is an easier way! Your RouteOne User ID can be associated with more than one RouteOne dealership. This means that you only need to remember one set of credentials to access multiple stores!

After your User ID has been associated with multiple stores, you will need to select the dealership with which you wish to conduct business.