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Credit Bureaus

Securing financing based on a credit portfolio is a daily occurrence in every dealership. Integrating your preferred credit bureau providers to your RouteOne account can speed-up this crucial task.

credit reports

When you complete a credit report request in RouteOne, that data is already entered for you in the credit application, allowing you to quickly submit the deal to your finance sources. RouteOne automatically displays any add-on products you may have purchased from your credit bureau provider, like the summary view.  

To keep your financing workflow efficient and straightforward, we process the credit report request on your behalf and display the credit bureau provider's report in RouteOne. In addition, RouteOne stores credit reports for 60 days, so if you need to review them for any reason, they'll be available.  

With RouteOne's credit bureau integration, you can directly access the credit reporting agencies Equifax and TransUnion

Key Benefits & Features


Improve your workflow with the added convenience of easy credit bureau access

Save time with the elimination of multiple data entry

Access credit reports for 60 days


Integrate your Credit Bureau Providers

Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can go to the Admin tab in the RouteOne system to integrate your preferred credit bureau provider. More questions? Contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager or the RouteOne Service Desk at 877.556.0003. 


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