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MaximTrak MenuTrak

Interactive, Customizable Sales and Closing Tool

It’s the end of the month, and you need to move customers through your F&I office as quickly as possible and still present valuable aftermarket products in a way that makes sense to consumers. MenuTrak™ is an interactive, customizable sales and closing tool designed to help F&I managers simplify the sales process while focusing on what’s most important: your customer. Streamline the process and quickly and easily build menu presentations in a clear and consistent manner. Plus, with complementary products like ETrakTM, DashboardTM, and FLITETM you’ll be armed with what you need to build better menu presentations and close more business within one, easy-to-use platform.

    Key Benefits and Features

    • Engages customers in an interactive menu presentation
    • Ensures aftermarket products are presented in a consistent and compliant manner
    • Rates products in real-time with e-Rating
    • Provides customers with transparency
    • Connects customers with the best matched, unbiased products based on their profile from a unique interview process
    • Delivers robust reporting tools with real-time data
    • Eliminates human error and duplicate entry
    • Reduces transaction time
    • Offers customizable videos for private-label brand extension

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    • Customizable menus presented in a standardized manner
    • Creates transparency for the customer
    • Hosts interactive sales tools and videos for aftermarket products
    • “Payment Matching” function rolls deal variables for desired payment
    • Reduce transaction time

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    • Paperless eContracting and eSignature
    • eRating fully integrated with providers in and out of network eRegistration
    • Digital Deal Jacket wraps up all important documents


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    • Customizable reports
    • Real-time data 24/7
    • Charts and graphs for easy viewing
    • Reports emailed to your phone
    • Management made easier with Bank, Business, Product, and Personnel Intelligence


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    • An interactive touch-based system that guides customers through the menu sales process
    • Connects customer profile with unbiased product recommendations
    • Access media-rich product info, sales tools, and  videos


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