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Our MaximTrak Dashboards® product is designed to help you manage your business better.  Our reporting tool allows you to view which products are selling, the managers that are closing the most, and other trends so you can make effective and profitable decisions.


Take advantage of our comprehensive reporting solution. With real-time reporting capabilities, you’ll always know how the dealership, an employee, or a particular product performs during a specific month, week, or even day.  

Quickly identify what’s performing and where potential opportunities lie. Reporting, sales, product, and performance data are pulled automatically, and you get the reports needed every day. MaximTrak Dashboards is part of our suite of solutions, accessible through RouteOne’s single sign-on process, allowing dealerships all the tools they need for a configurable, connected, and comprehensive sales experience.  

Key Benefits & Features


Daily reports sent directly to your inbox 

Reports on Profit Per Vehicle (PVR) by managers, average gross, and transaction type 

Handle complex data aggregation and analysis

Keep tables on finance sources by average and volume

Product reports on penetration and product line

Filter by vehicle sales type, transaction type, dealer group, F&I product sold, date range, or personnel. 


View Menu Reporting in Action

See for yourself how a reporting solution like MaximTrak Dashboards can enhance your F&I process. Contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager or the RouteOne Service Desk at 866.768.8301 to schedule a short and personalized demo. 


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