Build a Modern Purchase Process with Our Digital Solutions

July 24, 2023

Greet your customers wherever they are — online or in-store

It’s a good idea to reach buyers no matter where they start the shopping process: online, in-store, or through a combination of several channels. 

It helps if you’re connected to a central hub, a management system capable of connecting with customers that arrive at your virtual or actual doorstep from all possible channels: your website, in-store, or wherever your dealership is discovered. Think about a digital retail platform like RouteOne that can provide consumers with the various tools they might desire.

RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services is a suite of products designed to assist dealerships with generating, managing, and tracking customer leads and online credit applications to help you broaden the reach of your credit application pipeline.

Our Digital Retail Services come standard with an embedded and customizable online consumer-facing credit application. Then, you can choose to subscribe to the premium features that meet your unique business needs, like our Consumer Prequalification functionality. 



The More You Know

Remember the old television campaign with the slogan, “The more you know”?  That statement is still valid today.  Getting to know your customer as soon as they start to interact with your dealership is the fastest way to get them financed and into their next vehicle.  Prequalifying consumers through your dealership’s online credit application can help you make personalized sales pitches and allow your consumers to understand their buying power. In addition, creditworthiness can be determined with basic customer information like a name and address.  This "soft pull" of credit is completed without placing a “hard” credit inquiry on your customer's credit history.  Take a few minutes to learn more about our Consumer Prequalification functionality.



A Few More Tools to Consider

What other digital tools could benefit your dealership? 

Consider our integrated compliance capabilities.  For example, our IDOne service can help with automating tasks like OFAC and identity verification so you can spend more time engaging with customers and making sales.  

Have you heard of our Vehicle Values tool?  Our automated, dealer-facing valuation tool will help you assess the value of used vehicles and provide your finance sources with detailed valuation information, reducing the time it takes to receive a credit decision. 

Save even more time and boost your bottom line when adding tools to your dealership’s website that capture silent leads or provide customer quotes.  Connect with your RouteOne Business Development Manager, who would be happy to help you learn what features and tools will benefit you the most. 

Many dealerships are experiencing favorable outcomes in this new era when equipped with the appropriate digital retail tools that capture leads from anywhere and offer options for a smooth and enjoyable vehicle buying experience. 



Let Us Help You Get Started

Our responsive solutions are another piece of your dealership’s modern digital purchase process. Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can subscribe to our Digital Retail Services, IDOne, and Vehicle Values in the Admin tab of the RouteOne system.  Have more questions? Talk to your RouteOne Business Development Manager, who can help you plan your next course of action. You can also connect with the RouteOne Service Desk for prompt assistance.