Modernize Your Dealership with eContracting

October 05, 2023

Embraced by consumers, dealers, and lenders alike, the popularity of the digital purchase process continues to grow.

Adaptation to eContracting by consumers, dealers, and lenders is why the technology has become a transformative force in the vehicle finance industry.

eContracting streamlines vehicle buying by reducing hurdles associated with traditional paper contracting - freeing up time for dealership staff to focus on customer engagement.  

eContracting creates additional competitive advantages for dealerships and the F&I office that include: 

  • A simplified contract process that eliminates the need for physical paperwork and manual processing.
  • The ability to digitally create, send, receive, and store contracts, lowering administrative tasks and saving time. 
  • Integration of the process with your dealership’s existing DMS to ensure up-to-date and accurate information is captured
  • Enhanced transparency, compliance, and data security, instilling greater customer trust. 
  • Reduced printing, shipping, and the storage of physical paperwork costs.
  • The capacity to add built-in compliance checkpoints to suit your dealership’s compliance requirements
  • More accessible signature capture: all parties can review and sign contracts from anywhere, anytime, using electronic devices.  

With eContracting, dealers can accelerate the entire process for an improved customer experience.

Digitizing Deal Docs - The Next Step in eContracting

These days, scissors aren’t the only thing that beats paper anymore. Digital is paper’s most potent foe now. 

RouteOne is modernizing eContracting by allowing dealers to digitize all deal documents, reducing the reliance on faxing. Imagine how easier it would be to send documents to lenders electronically instead of dealing with a fax. 

Electronically sending documents from the F&I department to finance sources offers several benefits over faxing paper documents:

  • Digital documents can be transmitted instantly, virtually eliminating delays associated with faxing, like manual processing and potential paper jams. 
  • Going paperless reduces paper, ink, fax machines, and maintenance expenses. 
  • Minimizes the need for physical storage space and retrieval costs.
  • Better readability -scanned or digitally created documents are typically clearer and easier to read than faxed ones.

Modernize Your Dealership - Benefits of RouteOne Technology

Technology is reshaping customer expectations. More and more continue to embrace and accept new functionalities that save time and effort when making a big purchase, like their next vehicle. eContracting and the addition of an all-digital process can modernize your F&I department. 

If you're a RouteOne eContracting store, you have complimentary access to: 


These solutions combine to help you create a complete digital package for eSigning in-store, online, or a hybrid of both.

Take Advantage of Our Connections

At 300+  and growing, we host the industry’s largest finance source network that supports our secure eContracting platform. Visit our easy-to-navigate connection hub to find your preferred lenders. 

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Whether you are already eContracting, need some assistance with implementing the process, or somewhere in between, the RouteOne team is ready to help you wherever you are in the journey.