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Tools for Finance Sources

RouteOne offers a wide variety of products, services, and features for finance sources, from the credit application process to payoff quotes. RouteOne has the technology to meet the needs of your business, so that your business can continue to grow.  Here are some of the tools available for your finance sources:

Indirect Auto Financing and Contracting

  • Dynamic Credit Application
    RouteOne’s dynamic credit application allows you to define the fields you wish to display, saving time and increasing efficiency for you and your dealers.

  • Enhanced Statuses
    Supporting enhanced statuses such as “Approved,” “Booked,” and “Conditioned” provides more efficient communication to your dealers, from initial application submission to funding.

  • Rates and Forms
    Provide your latest rates and forms to your dealers directly in the RouteOne system. You can target communications by dealer, dealer groups or by state.

  • Deal Refresh
    Update the vehicle and deal structure information with the same application number, eliminating the need to create a new credit application. This feature allows your finance source to rework a deal, without having to use an underwriter.

  • Text Messaging
    Communicate with your dealers in real-time to work a deal more efficiently. By offering this functionality, you provide a quick path to rehash and confirm deal changes while creating an audit trail of all associated communications.

  • AutoForward
    AutoForward allows your finance source to decline and pass on the credit application to another finance source of your choice.

  • eContracting
    Manage contracts effortlessly, and easily communicate with dealers. Through the RouteOne eContracting platform, your critical contract documents and data can be shared with dealers in minutes.


  • LOS Integrations
    Access multiple loan original systems (LOS), allowing you the option to select which service providers meet the needs of your business best. Improve workflow and reduce duplicate efforts with integration.


  • Reporting
    RouteOne’s free reporting suite allows you to monitor the type of business you receive, how fast you fund it, and what percentage of a dealer’s business you might be missing. Pinpoint new opportunities for growth and profit.

  • Payoff Quote
    The Payoff Quote feature is a workflow solution that helps eliminate some of the cost of Service Desk calls while increasing dealer satisfaction - all at no additional charge. By supporting this feature, your dealers will be able to obtain a real-time vehicle payoff amount from a customer account at anytime. As a fully electronic exchange of data that is completely auditable by the dealer, it eliminates dealer mistakes or fat fingering. Over 100+ finance sources have recognized the value, and now support RouteOne’s Payoff Quote tool.

  • Deal Refresh
    Deal Refresh allows dealers to update vehicle and deal structure information without creating a new application number or making changes to existing customer information.  This allows your finance source to “rehash” a deal without having to tie up an underwriter or possibly lose a deal due to lack of access to an underwriter.

  • Payment Call
    Allows your dealers to send credit applications and receive decisions without vehicle and contract terms. Simply put, the customer is approved for the amount they can afford, right up front.  You set your own parameters to determine which customers you will fund, allowing a dealer to understand the stipulations, buy rates, deal structure maximums, etc. up front.