RouteOne Unveils Fusion : A Digital Retailing Tool Streamlining F&I Processes

January 24, 2024

RouteOne, a pioneer in automotive finance technology, is proud to introduce Fusion, a comprehensive digital retailing solution designed to elevate consumer engagement and enhance dealership control over omni-channel interactions within a single trusted portal. Fusion allows consumers to engage with a dealer’s credit, menu, and eContracting processes from any location, simplifying the complexities of the vehicle financing processes into a single, powerful platform.

As an increasing number of consumers embrace hybrid shopping experiences, dealers can accommodate these preferences by offering dealer-configured, consumer-friendly tools for financing, trade-ins, credit applications, and aftermarket sales—all seamlessly integrated and accessible through their websites. RouteOne Fusion provides this desired flexibility, ensuring dealers maintain control of their processes and stay informed about the customer's journey stage through the integration of all Fusion data into the in-dealership RouteOne experience. This allows consumers to choose how much of the process they want to complete independently, with the added benefit of a seamless transition from online to in-store interactions.  The same technology engine that powers RouteOne in-store enables Fusion online.  

Key Features of RouteOne Fusion:

Step-by-Step Navigation: Consumers maintain visibility into their buying journey with Fusion's step-by-step navigation; integration with RouteOne’s in-store platform also provides valuable insights for dealership staff to make informed follow-ups on leads.

Prequalification: Get insight into the consumer’s credit score and outstanding vehicle loans to provide realistic payment options without impacting their credit score.  

Credit Application Processing: Harness the power of RouteOne's credit application process in a consumer-centric interface, configured with your preferred lenders.

Build and Price with F&I Products: Showcase aftermarket products of choice, educating consumers on their value and giving them the freedom to explore and choose from a curated selection configured with your payment terms.

Calculate Payment: Calculate payments, rates, taxes, fees, and incentives for both retail and lease options, ensuring customers receive accurate and transparent information on their options for deal structure.

Mobile-Optimized: Provide a modern consumer experience by extending the car-buying process to mobile devices, allowing consumers to browse and explore vehicle retail and lease options at their convenience on any device.

Trade-In: Customers can add a trade-in vehicle to get a market-based value estimate. With the payoff amount, customers can get a better picture of their actual deal, and dealers can provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies the trade-in process.

"RouteOne Fusion enables dealers to deliver modern consumer experiences that can be executed from any location and flow directly into current dealer processes. The product's name, Fusion, perfectly encapsulates its purpose – to bring together all aspects of the F&I process in an efficient, dynamic, dealer-configured, and customer-centric way,” stated Amanda George, RouteOne’s Chief Product Officer. “We believe Fusion will empower dealerships to redefine the omni-channel car buying experience and strengthen connections with their customers."

Dealers interested in RouteOne Fusion can contact their Business Development Manager or call 866.768.8301.


About RouteOne  

RouteOne was formed in 2002 by Ally Financial, Ford Motor Credit Company, TD Auto Finance, and Toyota Financial Services to improve the F&I process for automobile dealers and their customers. Connecting thousands of dealers and finance sources in North America for vehicle financing, RouteOne’s platform delivers a comprehensive suite of F&I solutions across multiple channels: in-store, online, mobile, and third-party solutions. Its product line-up includes digital retail, credit application, eContracting, menu, and compliance solutions. In addition, RouteOne enables dealer choice across various best-in-class providers through open integrations with over 200 DSPs.