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Transform your dealership and exceed customer expectations with an all-in-one digital retail solution like RouteOne Fusion. Offer consumers a hybrid, omnichannel digital retail experience in-store or online while leveraging our trusted portal and support. Discover the future of F&I today.  

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Your Complete F&I Toolkit


    RouteOne dealers can experience simplified software that executes the credit process for you. Use our tools and solutions engineered to work as a connection hub to financial partners to get the credit approvals you need, so you can spend more time selling. 

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      Key Benefits of our Credit Application System

      • Reduce decisioning delays with text messaging capabilities with finance sources
      • Obtain real-time payoff amounts from a consumer account with Payoff Quote
      • View comprehensive F&I performance data by a dealer, dealer group, F&I Manager, or salesperson with our Reporting Suite 

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      Key Benefits of Digital Retail Services

      • Mobile Point of Sale App allows consumers to complete a credit app in-store on a tablet.
      • When a consumer completes an app or lead form, you'll be notified when data populates the RouteOne Deal Manager.
      • Our modern solution helps customers work through the buying process from the web or mobile device.

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      Key Benefits of pay-off quote

      • Increase efficiencies with real-time quotes at your fingertips
      • Save time -  no lengthy phone calls or on-hold waits necessary 
      • Avoid trade-in delays and incorrect payoff amounts

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      Key Benefits of vehicle values

      • Eliminates time spent going through paper guides or multiple valuation sites
      • Calculates used vehicle loan, retail, and trade-in values automatically 
      • Accommodates all F&I and sales/desking selling processes 

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      Key Benefits of our Credit Bureaus

      • Improve workflow with the added convenience of easy credit bureau access
      • Save time with the elimination of multiple data entry
      • Access credit reports for 60 days

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      Key Benefits of our Reporting system

      • View credit bureau volume, dealer reserve reports, plus contract funding and usage
      • Access performance and analysis data to maximize finance source relationships 
      • Keep tabs on all your stores with Dealer Group reports
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      Grow aftermarket sales and elevate customer experiences the way you want to with RouteOne Menu Powered by MaximTrak. Experience the benefits of interactive menu software that integrates seamlessly with your unique F&I process, whether it’s in-store or online.

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        Key Benefits of our Custom menu

        • Integrated to RouteOne eContracting to create a single signing ceremony
        • Dealer choice - use only the tools that fit your workflow
        • Provides a transparent and personalized customer experience when presenting your protection products

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        Key Benefits of our Tablet Menu

        • Build a smart driver profile for intelligent product recommendations
        • Multi-factor needs analysis enables various selling scenarios
        • Flexible F&I workflow and integrated features fit into any sales process 

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        Key Benefits of our Remote Menu

        • Customers experience the comfort and convenience of a modern experience
        • Dealers remain in control of the aftermarket presentation process
        • Your customers can discover personalized product options and view videos


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        Key Benefits of our Menu Reporting

        • Daily reports sent directly to your inbox
        • Handle complex data aggregation and analysis
        • Product reports on penetration and product line

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        Dealer can get contracts completed correctly the first time and receive funding faster with RouteOne eContracting. Experience a better process that connects you with a hub of financial sources for a predictable funding timeline. 

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          Key Benefits of our Econtracting System

          • Supports retail, lease, and SPOT delivery sales 
          • Increases efficiency by streamlining and automating your contracting process
          • Accelerates faster funding from our growing list of finance sources
          • Find your dealership's personalized eContracting savings

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          Key Benefits of esign

          • Offer your customers a modern purchase process to improve the experience
          • Get paid faster and save time by capturing all critical signatures at once 
          • Built-in security and compliance measures

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          Key Benefits of Remote esigning

          • Transparency provides customers with a chance to review all documents and sign what they see
          • Secure workflow includes multi-factor authentication required each time a customer enters the virtual signing room
          • Flexible options to apply an electronic signature by ‘typing it’ or by ‘drawing it’ 

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          Key Benefits of our Credit Application System

          • Add product forms to your eContracts to create one signing ceremony

          • Boost your F&I sales with a complimentary solution

          • Send forms to your finance source at the same time as finance agreements, eliminating the need to fax or upload those documents

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          Setting protocols that the entire staff follows can go a long way towards keeping your dealership safe from the threat of problems like identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Our products and services can help you manage all your compliance needs.

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            Key Benefits of Identity Verification


            • Protect your dealership by validating identities directly within RouteOne
            • Verification with multiple databases to identify discrepancies
            • Select  from three providers - 700Credit, NCC, or Transunion

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            Key Benefits of our Adverse action mailing services

            • Generates notices automatically, including printing, postage, and mailing
            • Monitor RouteOne’s mailing activity within individual records
            • Receive a detailed monthly transaction report of notices mailed

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            Key Benefits of our document storage

            • Store documents electronically for easy retrieval at any time for the length of your subscription 
            • Integrated within the RouteOne platform so you can easily reference documents as you work
            • Provides a complete history of each document stored along with an audit trail that displays any edits made along the way

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            Unify Your Sales & Finance Channels

            Your process. Your customers. Your systems. We're your platform that brings it all together so you can finance and sell vehicles your way. At RouteOne, we believe you should be in control of your customer relationships and channels. That's why we deliver best-in-class customer service, proven technology, and open integration to 200+ DSPs and LOSs.

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            Online Credit Application

            Optimize your website for today's consumers with our Digital Retail Services

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            Remote eSigning

            Electronically send deal documents for remote review and eSigning

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            Remote Menu

            Text a link to your customers for remote aftermarket product selection

            RouteOne Has All the Right Connections

            Bring your favorite dealership tools and finance sources to our platform. Reach out to our available connections to integrate today. 

            RouteOne Live Training Sessions

            Ask questions and pick up the skills you need to help you get the most out of RouteOne.

            RouteOne System Overview

            Tuesdays at 11:00 AM Eastern

            Topics include resources, administration, working a deal, funding and compliance, plus a Q&A session. 

            Remote eSigning

            Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern

            Topics we cover include Remote eSigning definitions and benefits, eContracting integrations, plus live demos and a Q&A session. 

            General eContracting 

            thursdays at 1:30 PM Eastern

            Topics include eContracting definition and benefits, how to get started, eContracting overview, plus live demos and a Q&A session.

            RouteOne Media

            Defend Your Dealership Against the High Price of Identity Theft

            Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

            Magnifying glass held over fingerprint. The magnified fingerprint image in the glass is “001100” code.


            Dealerships handle vast amounts of sensitive customer information daily, from financial data to personal identification details. Building an actionable identity verification process featuring robust identification tools makes sense.